President's Letter


Dear Colleagues;
Peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you.
Allah says: “And say work (righteousness) soon will Allah observe your work, and his Messenger, and the believers: (9:105) Welcome to the official website of the Jordanian Orthodontic Society (JOS). This site, with its innovative ideas, will serve as a platform for all members of the Association to meet with the orthodontic specialist from inside and outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to view all the scientific activities related to this profession such as workshops, seminars and scientific conferences. Also, to keep updated with local and international news, events and updates related to this specialty. We have been interested in this site to meet the basic requirements of the latest sites of the international orthodontic societies. Records of members, the search for a specialist through the region and the type of treatment provided, the service of scientific questions and answering by specialists and expertise, monthly orthodontic research corner and many other options will be available on this site. The patients and visitors interested in this site will have an educational field in this specialty in terms of the basics of orthodontic treatment, methods and devices used, and how to deal with them and take care of them. This site will be the primary means of registration by all interested colleagues to participate in all the scientific activities and we will always be welcomed to receive your comments and inquiries through the corner of communication with the Association in order to ensure the site development and updating hand by hand. God grants success.
JOS President
Dr. Ahmad Maddallah Al-Tarawneh

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